Toxicology Knowledge Team

Our services

We can provide toxicological expertise in all forms, with great flexibility in terms of effort and work, on the journey from concept to finished product.

TKT’s staff have extensive experience in safety assessment of potential drug targets, an important component of early stage drug discovery projects.

We also support companies that have more advanced pharmaceutical projects – with design, monitoring and review of toxicology studies, as well as the generation of regulatory documentation. We take on all tasks involving problem solving and toxicological risk assessment.

We support companies and organizations that require expertise and advice in industrial hygiene (e.g. determining OEL)s and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals).

TKT has unique expertise in in silico analysis, and provides e.g. QSAR predictions for genotoxicity and other severe toxicity. We offer in house in silico predictions using Derek and Leadscope combined with expert judgement.

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