Toxicology Knowledge Team

The Team and Areas of Expertise


Kerstin Kenne, PhD, ERT
Molecular toxicology, general toxicology, project management
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Hans Marchner, PhD
Senior adviser. Inhalation toxicology, general toxicology, pesticides.
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Stefan Czene, PhD
Genetic toxicology, in silico predictions, REACH, chemical safety, study directing, lecturing.
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Dennis Hellgren, PhD
Senior Adviser. Early phases (Discovery), target validation, bioinformatics.
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Eva-Lena Glämsta, PhD, ERT
Early and late stages of development (Development), project management, interaction with regulatory authorities.
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Carl-Johan Zettervall, PhD, ERT
General toxicology, project management, medical devices (ISO 10993), study directing.
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Karin Svens, PhD, ERT
Inhalation toxicology, monitoring of studies, general toxicology, project management.
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Hallgrimur Jonasson, PhD, Associate professor
Safety pharmacology, monitoring of studies, study directing, lecturing.
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