This market leading data base and search tool enables the extraction of information from the complete regulatory files of any FDA/EMA pharmaceutical approved for marketing. Opposite to FDA “Open access”, files, available in the PDF-picture forms, PharmaPendium allows text-based searches, providing an efficient tool to efficiently search full regulatory files containing thousands of pages of preclinical and clinical data, assessments and conclusions. For instance:

  • Pharmapendium may be utilized for questions on approved drug formulations.
  • Better risk assessments of drug candidate toxicity
  • Rapid evaluation of drug–drug interaction risks
  • Detailed information on drug candidate PK parameters
  • Better assessment of animal model applicability
  • Translational insights for clinical success prediction
  • Improved clinical trial designs
  • Increased chances of successful regulatory submissions

Additional information on the database/search tool PharmaPendium can be found at: