Expert support for petroleum substances

Many years of experience within the petroleum industry qualify TKT to supply your company with information regarding the physico-chemical and (eco)toxicological properties, regulatory framework related to petroleum substances including regulations of downstream application e.g. food, toys, printing ink, packaging, nanomaterials, agricultural, adhesives. TKT offers amongst others:

  • Scientific support in how to apply the EU regulation to unknown or variable composition (UVCB) substances.
  • Generation of read-across justifications.
  • Testing proposal strategies and generation.
  • Respond to EU Public consultations.
  • Act as expert in ECHA Partner Expert Groups (PEG).
  • Impact assessment of new harmonized classification and labelling (CLH) and implement changes to dossiers and products including SDS and labels.
  • Toxicological knowledge in PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and other constituents of petroleum substances

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Chemical Substances & Products