Toxicology Knowledge Team

We offer our services in all areas of toxicology


The company was founded by a number of dedicated toxicologists at AstraZeneca who also are joint owners of the company – this guarantees a very high level of commitment among the consultants in all aspects of the company and its services.

In Toxicology Knowledge Team Sweden AB, we have gathered Sweden’s broadest commercially available expertise in toxicological risk assessment. Common to all of us is a long standing experience in toxicological analysis and risk assessment. We work as a team, therefore each customer is assured access to our collective experience and expertise in each assignment.

We have access to a well-developed network of additional expertise in areas such pathology, veterinary medicine, chemistry, formulation expertise, project management, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, reproductive toxicology, regulatory services and more. This extensive network enables us to, if the client so wish, to offer “one-stop-shop”, i.e. Toxicology Knowledge Team take project responsibility and can offer a single quote for several services within a project.

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